Hi bloggers I really hope that the weather gets cooler for you it has been so hot and very exhausting for you all.   Here in England we have had storms and rain.   I was very moved by two news stories one about a young girl who has been working so hard to clean up her community. The other about the oldest man to get a degree in Italy both are inspiring.

Florence Parson a nine year old girl from Yeovil had a mission is to try to keep the Somerset town rubbish free.   She started litter picking five years ago, and her family have collected over 260 bags of rubbish this August alone.  Florence didn't want animals to be hurt by the laziness of human beings .  Her message is clear - put your rubbish in the bin or take it home.  

A 96 year old man Guisseppe Paterno became Italy's oldest  person to obtain a degree, first class in philosophy.   He had dreamed his whole life about getting a degree.

He was born into a very poor family and he had seven siblings.  It was not until 2017 that he finally enrolled in a History and Philosophy BA course at the University of Palermo.  The former railway worker finally achieved his dream stepping forward to receive his diploma and the traditional laurel wreath Italian students receive upon graduation.  What an achievement.

In last weeks blog I mentioned a couple of Londons hidden garden gems, well I've discovered another Postman’s Park.  It is a small park in the city of London.  It was officially opened in 1858 at the same time as the General Post Office and sorting office were built.  The park became a little ‘oasis of tranquillity’ for all the postal workers, who used to slip-off to it to have their lunch or just to simply take a break…….and that is how the garden acquired the name “Postman’s Park”.  It's a really beautiful little park.

Bloggers I hope that you have a good week over and out London.

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Hi bloggers I know it's extremely hot and humid for you I hope that you are managing to keep well and hydrated.  London is cooler, we have had torrential rain and storms, but much needed as the trees were shedding their leaves and the grass everywhere was completely brown.  Recently I have been visiting the small squares in central London, I did some research and there are numerous gardens that are hidden.   I shall make a point of visiting some of them.

 One I have been to it's really beautiful is The Chelsea Physics Garden.  The Garden is located behind walls and positioned close to the River Thames.  In 1673 the Society of Apothecaries chose their Chelsea village site for its proximity to the river to make the most of its warm air currents.   It gave them a base to moor their barge, allowing them to conduct plant finding expeditions in surrounding areas and to teach their apprentices to identify plants, those that might cure and those that might kill.  The River access allowed plants arriving from around the world to be introduced to the British Isles.  It really is a beautiful place.

The Barbican centre, a performing arts centre, located in the City of London is home to a magnificent Conservatory.   It houses more than 1,500 species of plants and trees and ponds which are home to Koi  and carp.  Which I will definitely visit if I'm nearby.

I read a really lovely story about a stray abandoned dog in Brazil.  The manager of a Hyundai outlet began feeding the dog.  The dog kept returning and one the hearts of the people who worked there.  They decided to adopt the dog called him Tuscan and gave him a job.  He is now in charge of meeting and greeting prospective clients. He looks so proud sitting at his desk.  I bet sales have gone up.

Bloggers please take care in the heat, over and out London.

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Hi bloggers I know that you are very hot in Japan.  The U.K. is also experiencing a heatwave.   I found out a few interesting facts this month.  August is named for Augustus Caesar who became Roman Consul.  The month has 31 days because Julius Caesar added two days when he created the Julian calendar in 45BC.

I was thinking about how amazing nature is and how so many animals survive extreme temperatures.  Animals adapt and thrive in extreme circumstances.

The camel is physiologically designed to survive in the desert where food and water is scarce.  Its hump stores fat (not water), which the camel draws from for nourishment when in need.  Camels can also drink over 20 gallons of water when it’s available, allowing it to go as long as seven days before hydrating again.  Its organs, as well as its oval-shaped red-blood cells, help this animal retain water.

The ostrich, native to Africa, uses thermoregulation techniques to help keep its body temperature fairly consistent.  This flightless bird uses its plumage as a giant umbrella, covering its bare flesh from the sun with its built-in shade.  As far as hydration goes, ostriches get the water they need from the plants they consume.

The dibokali, or the wild ass, ranges throughout northeastern Africa in 120-degree weather.  This animal has large ears that it uses to keep cool in the desert sun.  It also survives broiling temperatures by being able to guzzle down large amounts of water in minutes.  It's all so amazing.

Bloggers take care, keep hydrated over and out London

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